Lego Lakes Fire Brigade NewsLetter
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Helicopter Crash Shows Up Inadequate Airport Appliances

Mechanical failure caused a Cargo Helicopter to crash at the Lego Lakes Heliport on Monday Morning.
Fire Crews From the Heliport Fire Station (No. 1 Station) responded to the blazing wreckage within minutes of the Helicopter hitting the ground. The Pilot was killed instantly, and a heliport worker on the ground received minor injuries from flying debris.

The Fire should have been brought under control quickly except the Ultra Large Pumper was unable to deliver Water to the Fire, due to mechanical problems With the Pump. The Foam Tender Was left to provide the initial knock down to the fire which proved ineffective.
By the time the Ultra Large Pump began delivering water, some 4 minutes after the crash, the fire was well advanced.
The Crash has prompted The Lego Lakes Fire Brigade to Meet with Management From the Lego Lakes Heliport to further fine tune Emergency Response Procedure's, after emergency gates were blocked preventing Fire & Emergency Appliances from Gaining Access.

Initial Responce included, Pumper-Tankers 7, 9 & 5, Pumper 7, Teleboom 9, Rescue 7 & Control Unit 7.
Mutual Aid was requested from Lego Grange & Shiningston.

Heliport Fire Station To Get Two New Fire Tenders.
Chief Fire Officer Ash today announced that The Lego Lakes Fire Brigade would be purchasing Two New Aviation Specific AUSTRAL TRlDENT Fire Trucks, to replace the Ultra Large Pumper ( Pictured ), and the Foam Tender Stationed at the Lego Lakes Heliport.
The Main Appliance will Be an AUSTRAL TRlDENT 8000, with the second Appliance Being an AUSTRAL TRlDENT 6000.
The Order for these units was placed 3 Days after the Helicopter crash, with delivery of the first Appliance expected to be within 4 - 6 Months.
While the Appliances are being constructed, Two second hand AUSTRAL TRlDENT units have been leased from the Manufacture.