Fire Com
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Lego Lakes Fire Command Centre (Fire Com)

The Fire Command Centre is located on the second floor of the Lego Lakes Fire Station. Fire Com receives all the emergency fire & incident calls for the Lego Lakes fire district. Fire Com then dispatches the required appliances in accordance with the Response chart (See Below). Once the appliances have been dispatched, Fire Com staff handle all the radio traffic associated with the Call. During the course of a Call, Fire Com maybe required to dispatch more appliances, other services (eg Police, Ambulance etc), or request Mutual Aid from any of the surrounding Fire Deparments.
Fire Com is staffed by 3 Communications Officers, one of which also crew the Control Unit if it is required.

Radio Proccedure
When Fire Com has dispatched the appliances to a call, the following radio proccedures must be observed. All appliances must give a :
- Turnout Message
- On scene
- WordBack
- Situation Reports Evey 15 minuites
- Returning
- In Station
Control Unit 7
Control Unit 7 is a mobile command unit that used at Fires & Incidents where a Incident Control Centre is required. Its crew consists of a driver, a staff member from Fire Com, and the Chief Fire Officers Secretary.
Some of the equipment carried on Control Unit 7 includes -
Radios (Fire, Police, Ambulance, Army Fire, Heliport Control Tower), Cellular Telephone, Satellite Telephone, Computers, Photocopier, Facsimile, Microfiche, Television & Video Equipment, Weather Station & a Generator.
Responce Chart
In order to ensure fast appliance responce, the responce chart was developed. This allows Fire Com to respond the required appliances, quickly to a call, without the Fire Officer on scene itemising each and every appliance that he requires. Individual Appliances can still be requested if required without increasing the Alarm Status.