Heliport - Fire Station 1
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Heliport Fire Station (No.1) Aviation Drive, Lego Lakes.
Heliport Fire Station is located on the Northern Boundary of the Lego Lakes Heliport. It is manned by 8 Firefighters per shift consisting of 1 Operations Officer, 1 Senior Fire Officer, 1 Fire Officer, 1 Leading Firefighter, 1 Fire Fighter, & 2 Flight-Fire Officers.
Heliport Fire Station is run independently of the other Fire Stations. Its sole responsibility is the Heliport, its Buildings, and the Helicopters. The Station has an operations room that is always manned by a Fire Officer, The Senior Fire Officer & the Firefighter Crews the Pumper 1a, and the Leading Firefighter crews Pumper 1b. The Flight-Fire Officers Crew the 2 Helitack Helicopters that are stationed at Lego Lakes Heliport. All radio communications go through the Operations room who then communicates with Lego Lakes tower if required.

Fire Station 1 (Heliport Fire Station)

Rear View Of Fire Station 1
The Operations Room is located on
the Second Floor, and the Firefighters recreation room is located on the First Floor.
Pumper 1a
Pumper 1a is an AUSTRAL TRIDENT 8000.

Pumper 1a

Pumper 1b
Pumper 1b is and AUSTRAL TRIDENT 6000.